PTCB Schedule Exam

PTCB Schedule Exam: How To Reschedule PTCB Appointment?

How to schedule an appointment and whether or not reschedule it? Let’s follow this article to find out the answer to PTCB Schedule Exam.

January 1, 2022

Scheduling an appointment for taking the PTCB exam is the first step that every candidate has to complete before officially taking this exam. However, in fact, not everyone knows the proper method of scheduling. As a result, they can make several unnecessary mistakes during the process. Understanding that, the below article will provide you with the most up-to-date information about the PTCB schedule exam.

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PTCB schedule exam

PTCB Schedule Exam
PTCB Schedule Exam


It is possible for the test-takers authorized to schedule their PTCB exam appointment inside their PTCB Account at the website domain of or by calling directly Pearson VUE via the phone number (866) 902-0593 during the period of time from 7 a.m to 7 p.m CT, and from Monday to Friday. PTCB test-takers will get an affirmation mail after the process of scheduling their own appointment. The test-takers have the obligation to guarantee the time, the date, and test location that is recorded on the affirmation mail precisely reflects their choice.

Pearson test center locations

PTCB Certification exams are managed at Pearson VUE test centers across the country, in any case, not all test centers regulate particular PTCB exams. If you want to discover the closest one with you, it is recommended to visit the website domain of or by calling Pearson VUE directly via the phone number (866) 902-0593. Most test centers are open during the period from Monday to Saturday, amid ordinary trade hours.

PTCB testing sites (used for Military Applicants only)

PTCB works with the U.S. Armed Forces for the purpose of arranging the PTCB certification exams accessible to the military workforce and their qualifying dependents. Qualifying people are allowed to require the examination at endorsed military destinations. Qualified candidates ought to contact their neighborhood military center or visit the Pearson VUE site committed to U.S. Service members via the website domain

Changing a PTCB exam appointment

It is also possible for the PTCB test-takers to reschedule or cancel their exam arrangements within their authorization period. There’s no charge for rescheduling exam arrangements, in any case; arrangements must be rescheduled at least one day (during 24 hours) before the planned arrangement. To be more specific, in case an arrangement is at 11:00 am on Wednesday, a candidate must cancel or reschedule by 11:00 am the past Friday.

Candidates who don’t have the demand of rescheduling or canceling their PTCB examination appointment within 24 hours or come up short to appear for their planned examination will relinquish all expenses. To reschedule an arrangement, let’s tap at the “My Scheduled Exam” interface inside your PTCB Account at the website domain of or by calling directly Pearson VUE via the phone number (866) 902-0593.

Missed appointments

PTCB candidates who don’t appear for a scheduled exam arrangement for any reason will have to relinquish all expenses. Candidates may yield a withdrawal request to the organizer in case a crisis happens on the day of the exam arrangement that avoids a candidate from taking the test. If you have the demand of seeing which the PTCB considers an emergency, let’s click on the Emergency Withdrawals section.

Emergency withdrawals

PTCB candidates have the right to yield a request of emergency withdrawal in case that emergency happens on the day of the exam arrangement. Illustrations of what PTCB considers a valid emergency often incorporate a genuine ailment, harm or unforeseen hospitalization, a passing within the prompt family, a serious traffic accident, or even a court appearance.

It is obligatory for the PTCB test-takers to yield a request of emergency withdrawal with official and valid documentation related to the emergency (for example the obituary, clinic archives, or the police report). Any demand of emergency withdrawal must be gotten by PTCB no afterward than 2 days (48 hours) after the final day of the candidate’s authorization period. In the event that is affirmed, a full refund of any examination expenses paid will be issued within the original method of payment within the period of time of approximately 2 to 3 weeks. 

Above are several pieces related to the PTCB schedule exam. There are always cases that you may have to reschedule or have problems with your original appointment, hence, we hope that this information will do wonders during the process of taking your PTCB exam so that you can avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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