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A prescriber writes in her own handwriting: “Brand Name Medically Necessary.” What DAW number should be assigned to the prescription?


DAW 1. DAW 0 5 no product selection indicated; DAW 1 5 substitution not allowed by provider; DAW 2 5 substitution allowed— patient requested product dispensed; and DAW 3 5 substitution allowed—pharmacist selected product dispensed.

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Sarah Hanlin

2 years ago

It seems the first test of 45 questions is all that free. To access more it is $7.99

Liz Calame

2 years ago

Watch out! Pro version is a subscription.


2 years ago

I saw the categories on this app and this doesn't match the new ptcb blueprint. Sterlie compounding isn't even on the ptcb exam and same with billing and reimbursement.

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