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How many different risk levels did ASHP estab- lish for pharmacy- prepared sterile products?

A Three

The American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) established three different risk levels for pharmacy-prepared sterile products. Level I products are to be stored at room temperatures and administered completely within 28 hours after being prepared; unpreserved products that are prepared for more than one patient that contain preservatives; and products prepared by closed system aseptic transfer of nonpyrogenic, sterile finished products (in sterile containers) from licensed manufacturers. Level II products are administered more than 28 hours after preparation and stored at room temperature; products that are batch prepared with no preservatives for more than one patient; and products compounded by various manipulations of sterile ingredients using close-system aseptic transfer from licensed manufacturers. Level III products are compounded from nonsterile components, containers, or equipment before they are terminally sterilized and products prepared with sterile or nonsterile products pre- pared from sterile or nonsterile ingredients using open-system transfer before they are terminally sterilized.