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Which of these is not a part of quality assurance practices?

A reducing resources used

Quality assurance practices, as the name suggests, are put in place to ensure high quality and safety during all pharmacy operations. The practices contain the prevention, identification, and change implementation concerning all processes related to pharmacy practice that may be unsafe or ineffective. Generally, these practices are centered on medication use and inventory. Quality assurance should be practiced by all pharmacy personnel.

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Sarah Hanlin

2 years ago

It seems the first test of 45 questions is all that free. To access more it is $7.99

Liz Calame

2 years ago

Watch out! Pro version is a subscription.


2 years ago

I saw the categories on this app and this doesn't match the new ptcb blueprint. Sterlie compounding isn't even on the ptcb exam and same with billing and reimbursement.

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