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Which of these is the most appropriate chain of command for reporting information?

A pharmacy technician pharmacist district manager

The chain of command refers to the proper channels for reporting information, including quality assurance issues, to supervisors who can help make changes at an institutional level. Issues should be resolved locally first, if possible. If not totally resolved, the issue should follow the appropriate chain of command. This order should be followed:

  1. Cashier or pharmacy clerk
  2. Pharmacy technician
  3. Lead technician
  4. Pharmacist
  5. Pharmacy supervisor
  6. District manager
  7. Regional manager

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dochossam germany

1 year ago


Just Patti

1 year ago

Easy to use with concise explanations. Repetition of wrong answers helps you learn.

shamara bollinger

1 year ago

Very helpful and easy to use. I do wish they switched the questions up more but still a really good app.

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