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Which of these is true regarding the disposal of hazardous drug waste?

A It must be stored in a leakproof container.

Disposal of hazardous waste must be separate from the disposal of other waste, and the waste must be labeled as "hazardous drug waste." It also needs to be stored in a leakproof container that is labeled as such until it is disposed of safely. There is no specific time limit on when hazardous waste must be discarded as long as it is stored properly.

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2 years ago

I have ptcb practices & this type of math is on none of the real practices from the past few years for the ptcb.. Summing up totals? Wasting my time since I see these are not on the actual test why waste my time.

Trillium Forest

2 years ago

Wonderful prep

janet Dowdy

2 years ago

Wow! The best study guide out there

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