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Which statement is true of PPO plans?

A PPO membership provides a substantial discount below the regular rates of the medical professionals who are in the network.

PPO plans provide substantial discounts for doctors and hospitals in the network. When using out-of-network providers, PPO members are reimbursed at a reduced rate. With a PPO, members can see the doctor or specialist they like without having to see a PCP first. PPO premiums tend to be higher than HMO plans, and there is usually a deductible.


S Korpal

1 year ago

The explanations that went with the answers were really helpful. Definitely helped me pass the exam

Fati Hakeem

1 year ago

Learning with this app helps alot.


1 year ago

Nothing on this is on the testi.i got 100 % on the test and practice test on this app but when I took my final none of this was on the test. Waste of time

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