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During non-sterile compounding, when should you put on all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

A after all formulas and calculations are completed

These steps describe the process for non-sterile compounding:
1. Using the prescription, create a formula for the intended product including any calculations and specific amounts of ingredients needed.
2. Wash hands and put on all required PPE.
3. Obtain any hardware supplies such as a balance or graduated cylinder.
4. Weigh/measure out all ingredients using the proper measurement tools.
5. Following the recipe, combine the ingredients in the correct ratios and in the proper order.
6. Document the exact amounts used and label the final product including final strengths of ingredients.

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2 years ago

Very nice to learn and understand


2 years ago

Between teching for almost 1000 hours and this app, I managed to pass the exam! I would 100% recommend it!!!

Lorna Wilson

2 years ago

Love it. Because its repeating makes it easy to remember

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