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Which of these is appropriate regarding the use of PPE?

A Work dirtiest to cleanest when donning PPE.

PPE is required for all compounding procedures and differs based on the type of compounding and the drug products being compounded. When using PPE, it is important to follow a specific order to reduce the potential of contamination. In general, you should work from "dirtiest" to "cleanest" parts of the PPE attire. For example, you wouldn't put shoe covers on after putting on your sterile gloves. Follow the general order listed here and make sure to check the procedures outlined by your specific pharmacy. 1. Remove outer garments, jewelry, make up, artificial nails, piercings, etc. before putting on any PPE. 2. Start with shoe and hair covers including any facial hair. 3. Put on the a face mask or face shield. 4. Wash your hands with appropriate hand washing technique. 5. Use a compounding specific gown. 6. Don sterile gloves and use alcohol to continue to sterile your gloved hands between drug products.

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