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Which of these is true about using a vial during sterile compounding?

A Prior to removing solution from the vial, air should be pushed into to prevent a negative pressure vacuum.

These steps should be followed when using a vial to prepare a product:
1. Remove the plastic cap and swab the vial stopper with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
2. Swab all sterile surfaces being used during manipulation such as all vials and the injection port on the IV bag.
3. Uncap needle and withdraw a volume of air equal to the desired volume of liquid to be extracted.
4. Insert the needle into the vial at a 45-degree angle and the bevel side up (to avoid coring the vial) and then straighten out the needle. Do not block the airflow from the laminar flow hood.
5. Push air into the vial and extract the desired volume.
6. Remove the needle and inject contents into the IV bag through the specified port.
7. Discard the needle in the sharps container and throw all other waste in the appropriate trash bin.