Pharmacy Technician Skills

14 Key Pharmacy Technician Skills That You Should Know

Besides knowledge and working experience, pharmacy technician skills are also an indispensable part. Let’s begin with this article!

January 1, 2022

Nowadays, pharmacy technicians play an important role in the general healthcare industry. Pharmacy technicians are a key role in conveying medicine to patients. As of now, pharmacists’ parts are transitioning from one apportioning medicine to one of “healthcare providers”. As the role of pharmacists witnessed a remarkable development, pharmacists’ are presently included in effectively overseeing healthcare.

Hence, the part of the pharmacy technician is experiencing a noteworthy change. The pharmacy technician will be required to fill the crevices and accept extra obligations within the pharmaceutical conveyance handle. As the record to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions of pharmacy technicians are to extend by 20%  up to 2024.

As the importance of the pharmacy technician witnessed a remarkable development, the pharmacy technician will be required to seek extra instruction furthermore create unused skill sets. In case you’ve been considering a career as a drug store professional, here are a number of the pharmacy technician skills and aptitudes you’ll get to get ahead.

Before we go into detail about pharmacy technician skills, let us first understand what a pharmacy technician does:

  • Interacting with the patient and the pharmacist to ensure that the patient’s needs are precisely communicated.
  • Making certain that the patient receives the medication specified on the prescription.
  • Dispensing medications in a safe, accurate, and standard protocol-compliant manner.
  • Perform duties in accordance with local and federal pharmacy laws.
  • Recognize medication errors with precision.
  • Maintain patient records on paper and electronically.
  • Identifying adverse effects and relaying clinical information to the pharmacist
  • Examine the inventory in the pharmacy.
  • Facilitate communication between the client and the insurance company, prescriber, or other appropriate parties.

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11 Key Pharmacy Technician Skills

Non-stop learning

Not only in pharmacy technician but in all other professions, if you want to be successful, you must have passion, be eager to learn, and always try to develop more. When you have passion and love for your job, you will quickly succeed and after graduation, you will have a more stable job than others.

Pharmacy technician is a position associated with pharmaceuticals and drugs, this is a noble profession, it helps protect human health and helps society become better. A pharmacy technician is not only the person who brings the medicine to the consumer but also is in charge of packaging of the drug, bringing it to the market, then distributing and advising the patient. Thus, becoming a good pharmacy technician is not easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Importantly, each person needs to define his or her goals and constantly strive to perfect them.

Good consulting skills

In order to become a professional pharmacy technician, trusted and loved by patients, in addition to mastery of drugs and diseases, a pharmacy technician must also know the patient well and create their cooperation in treatment. To do that, the pharmacy technician needs to have the following skills:

Communication skills with patients

Working in Pharmacy, you may take on positions such as consulting, and introducing pharmaceuticals. At that time, sales communication skills become the decisive factor for your success. When working as a pharmacy technician, sales skills are indispensable because it is necessary to advise customers on drug use and create trust in customers.

Information gathering skills

This is also one of the important skills required of a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians need to collect patient-related information such as age, occupation, habits, etc. The collected information needs to be accurate and meticulous. The accuracy and reliability of the information collected depend on the patient’s openness. Therefore, creating a friendly and trusting relationship with the patient is an important task for the pharmacy technician. How to ask questions to the patient is also very important to help the pharmacy technician get the necessary information.

Information assessment skills

A pharmacy technician must have information evaluation skills. This skill helps them to evaluate the information related to the use of drugs in the treatment process, thereby giving the right treatment advice.

Information spreading skills

This is also one of the required skills of a pharmacy technician. With the information that needs to be communicated related to the instructions for using the drug, the pharmacy technician must accurately and meticulously explain how to take the medicine, and the signs to know about the progress of the disease because patients often do not have much professional knowledge about pharmaceuticals. To do this well, the pharmacy technician needs to build trust in the patient and have a method to check the patient’s awareness of the information communicated (can ask the patient or the patient’s family to remind them).

Pharmacy Technician Skills

In order to do even better their task of consulting medicine and becoming a professional pharmacy technician, they must regularly update their professional and legal knowledge. In this way, patients will trust, and be a source of traditional and loyal customers, creating a solid brand value for the pharmacy. And higher than that, contributing to the goal of rational, safe, and effective drug use of the Ministry of Health as well as contributing to improving public health.


When you are passionate about something and have a real love for it, you will easily absorb everything. The pharmaceutical industry in general as well as the pharmaceutical industry in particular are industries with very high work pressure, so in order to do and follow this industry, it is necessary to have a passion for the profession. Thanks to the job-loving factor, pharmacy technicians can easily overcome the pressures and difficulties in their daily work.

Patients are those who indirectly or directly collaborate in improving the skills of the pharmacy technician. Therefore, each of us needs to learn to put ourselves in the position of the patient so that we can understand the psychology and from there, it is easier to consult and sell medicine.

Stress Management

Working in a pharmacy may be a stressful job, with long hours of standing and conducting multiple tasks with precision. You are expected to deal with stress and maintain a positive attitude at all times.

Perseverance, meticulousness, accuracy

To succeed in the profession, each person needs to go through a very difficult learning process due to the constantly increasing amount of knowledge, which makes many people discouraged and want to give up. However, not only the pharmaceutical industry but any profession also needs perseverance and high discipline. A high sense of discipline will help you easily achieve success and limit mistakes in the profession. In particular, the pharmacy technician not only needs to have solid expertise but also needs to have a certain level of foreign language and communication skills…

Because the work of the pharmacy technician is directly related to the health and life of people, any carelessness during the working or consulting process can cause irreparable mistakes. Besides, without patience, the pharmacy technician cannot absorb the huge knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, much less can do a good job of consulting patients, because not all patients understand how to use the medicine.

The ability to think creatively and quickly

One of the required skills of a pharmacy technician is that you need to have good analytical skills and creative thinking. For students who have these qualities, it will create a lot of advantages, not only making the learning process easier, but after graduation, it is not difficult for you to meet the performance requirements of the pharmacy technician industry. 

In fact, not only pharmacy technicians but all professions always require good analytical skills and creative thinking skills to develop work. At the same time, it also helps you to adapt to work quickly in the new era and easily grasp the necessary and sufficient conditions for this profession. This can be seen as a great advantage for students studying pharmacy to confirm themselves, their ability, and their position in the process of studying as well as working after graduation.

Good technology grasp

For the health industry, it is necessary to have the basic skills of a pharmacy technician, which is the ability to grasp the profession and integrate well. In the current context of growing development, the pharmaceutical industry is considered to be a highly competitive industry.

Therefore, students majoring in pharmacy need to be able to acquire knowledge from advanced textbooks, understand modern drug-making processes in other developed countries, and be exposed to manufacturing technology. advanced and modern medicine production. At the same time, these skills are all learned at universities and colleges that are chosen as the school’s output goals. To achieve the above goal, students have the opportunity to apply for jobs and have the opportunity to work in companies, and drug manufacturing enterprises,…

Good computer skills

For the health industry, it is necessary to have the basic skills of pharmacy technicians, which is the ability to grasp the profession and integrate well. In the current context of growing development, the pharmaceutical industry is considered to be a highly competitive industry. Therefore, students majoring in pharmacy need to be able to acquire knowledge from advanced textbooks, understand modern drug-making processes in other developed countries, and be exposed to manufacturing technology and modern medicine production.

Besides, drug stores nowadays depend intensely on the trade of electronic data. Nowadays, the pharmacy keeps up its understanding of pharmaceutical profiles, gets medicines, arbitrates protection claims, and orders medicines through computers. Pharmacy technicians are often required to utilize numerous distinctive stages, application programs as well as operating systems.

Collaboration and Teamwork

You must work collaboratively with other members and as part of a healthcare team. You should be able to follow instructions, perform additional duties, and anticipate the needs of pharmacists and coworkers.

Language proficiency, particularly in Spanish and Mandarin

Depending on your job, you may need to know the above languages to communicate effectively with patients. Some positions, therefore, require bilingual pharmacy technicians, so being fluent in Spanish and Mandarin in addition to English is an advantage.

What are other pharmacy technician requirements besides these skills?

Maintain professional knowledge

Pharmacy technician is an industry associated with pills, which must always put the patient first. Therefore, pharmacy technicians need to master their professional knowledge to be able to advise patients and assist pharmacists in the process of examining and prescribing drugs. They need to understand the adverse reactions of drugs, interactions between drugs, and drug combination formulas to create optimal and safest treatment effects for users.

Experience in the pharmaceutical industry

Certainly, if you work in the pharmaceutical industry, it requires you to have experience. This is one of the basic skills of pharmacy technicians, so when you learn this industry, you can’t do without practice. Specifically, about 23% of employers said that: candidates who show experience when participating in recruitment, this is a bright factor for having the opportunity to go further.

Students majoring in Pharmacy, gain experience as soon as they sit in school. It is not only good for learning but also useful for future work. If you do not get a suitable job, gain experience in internships and practice sessions.

Ethical qualities of pharmacy technicians

Ethical qualities are often considered an indispensable factor for students of Pharmacy in particular and the health industry in general. In fact, the medical industry is directly related to human life and health, so qualities and ethics are what you need to cultivate for yourself no matter the context. For students who want to pursue a career in the healthcare industry, it is first necessary to keep a good moral character. Not for their own benefit, for money, but to negatively affect the health and lives of people. Because just a small mistake in this industry can put hundreds or thousands of people in danger.

In general, becoming a pharmacy technician requires students to have a wide range of skill sets, which can be absorbed and enhanced during the studying and working process. We hope that this article about pharmacy technician skills can help you on your way to becoming a pharmacy technician.

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